Favorite color – blue

Diving gave me an opportunity to look into a different world.

Daily boat routine
Daily boat routine

The big variety of species spinnng around and a sing language underwater saves you from long talks.

My diving  started when I was seeking to get PADI OWD certification with a dream to swim with dolphins in Red Sea in 2010. Bad luck as people say, but I had to wait 5 years more to finally see them. This time we saw them 5 days out of 7.  It was more than luck, our crew felt really happy.

Dolphins (mother and her baby)

Our small trip started unexpectedly. I got an offer just right after I got back home to my country. But tell me a diver who could say no for diving.

Right after you get into the water: check if everything is OK
Right after you get into the water: check if all your gear is OK and works properly

We packed our gear and after few days we were in Egypt. The land of sand and water. That’s how I always think about this country. First few days went quickly: trying out new gear and suits (That was a pity for me. I borrowed 4, but I couldn’t manage to fit into any of them. Then I had to rent another 4 in Egypt to finally find the comfy one:))  Well, at least all crew had fun trying to fit me into a tiny suit that I got on my first diving day.

BeFunky Collage

Diving in Red Sea is one of the most accessible sites for Europeans. People say it’s one of the most beautiful one for the variaty  of marine fauna as well. My last diving was in Thailand, Tonsai. And it was okay. But that place is way better for climbing. And Red Sea…well, nature hides the very best things in the most secret places. Esspecially when it comes to diving 😉

When you are above the surface you have wind and cold, but it all changes that minute when you get under the water. Calmess expand through your body. I don’t know any place on earth where you feel so sole and connected at the same time. Maybe that’s what people call oneness.

El Mina wreck
El Mina wreck
After penetrating El Mina wreck you can see another saller one

Water is the place where people go to calm their mind. It’s like a theraphy. You go deeply under the suface to find yourself. Imagine that the only thing you hear is your breathing. You can hear the sound of bubbles coming out of your lungs. No time for long talks, only sing language and small comunication with your buddy. Underwater is a place where you have to make decisions on your own. No one will explain you what to do, you have to know it before going into the water. Calmness is one of the most importan things underwater. Even when you are in a bad situation, you cannot allow yourself to raise your heartbeat and use more air than usual. All you can do is breathe, think and then, only then act.

Bubbles everywhere
Bubbles everywhere

It is really fascinating to watch  stingrays swiming movements how they undulate their bodies like a wave. Seeing baby dolphin swimming with his mother just few meters from you. Experience moving with a huge flock of fish.

Tiny fish flock moving like they are all one
Tiny fish flock moving like they are all one

Diving is more or less experience that is hardly shared with others. It is pioneering in the world most of us will never see,  it is the closest you can come to being an astronaut on Earth. Go diving, explore the extraordinary.

All pictures are made by Mirja, our diving colleague, because we didn’t have our camera. Big thanx to her.


Dive or Die


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