Food and Goods in Egypt

Hell yeah, food is important. Especially when you are traveling.

I don’t know how about you, but a smell of spices brings me back miles away to the places I have been to. It’s an amazing feeling to try out different food and take some recipes back home and make delicious food months after your trip.

Egypt is a place of good mango lassis and carcade tea. You can travel all day long throught colorful markets by smelling all kind of spices and trying to find the best quality of carcade to drag it home. Yeah, it is an incredible good and you cannot live without it when you are back home.

BeFunky Collagemm

Piles of bananas (I could live in that truck)

You dedicate some time to find good mangos as well and take as many as possible back home. Because man, the juiciness and the size of mangos are incomparable with any other mangos in the world (or I haven’t found it yet).


Fish market was a new discovery for me. We got the recomendation from our boat crew to go to the old fish market. Honestly, I was sceptical, because I am not a big fan of fish.  Or saying the truth, I don’t eat it. But I was absolutely wrong.

Cats and rats everywhere

You can go through entire market and choose the finest fish, crab or prawns that you like. Then they grill it on the fire and you can eat it right away in the market. Locals told us that none of the white people ate with them on the wooden boxes. They were so happy to dine with us that they shared  tahini and salads to make the perfect combination for our dinner.


Usually you swim with these not eat them
Usually you see them swiming while diving, not eating

So, if you don’t mind eating with rats running through your feet while you are eating, it’s the best place to have dinner.

And just around the corner you can enjoy an amazing view 🙂


Tahini and bread (on the next day when we came back :))

Actually you can have it while eating:

On our last evening we came back, dined again and left the market with 4 tahinis and 9 breads. Yeah, it is as good as you can imagine. Some of it even reached Lithuania.

So, every time you’ll be in Hurgada three things to remember: fish market, carcade and mangos (don’t forget to try out the lassi as well ;))

Oh, and I brought some cardamon. If you are a coffee person, that’s something you should dare to try.

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