A good traveler has no fixed plans, and is not intent on arriving.

~Lao Tzur

I always believed in the conception that traveling clears and broadens our mind. Personally I get new ideas and visions while traveling, meet new people and start new relationships. Recover.

This Freeland that we traveled in  has endless five senses therapy .

It all started when we reached Tonsai. After 11 hours by night train we felt sleepy and a bit tired, but it all vanished when we stepped into a resort known as a climbers paradise ! We spent hours wondering around in Tonsai and Railay beaches, watching the sunset and finding our way back home through the rocky route in the dark.

Gloomy does not simply exist in Tonsai bay. People are friendly, travelers are simple and life is easy.

Maxi's Best Chicken Burger !

Photographs are  taken by Auste&Vidmantas

Dinner court
Photographs are  taken by Auste&Vidmantas

Give a little bit more time and you easily fall in love with this place. Enough time for diving, 3D climbing trails, regular lunch at Maxi’s place. Amazing climbing partners and even a diving master with Lithuanian origin.

Tonsai is accessible only through the higher foot paths during the day time because it has a daily high tide. Basically you are safe and sound from Railay’s resorts tourists for a whole day, who are not smart enough to find a jungle path!

After a midday, when the low tide begins you can reach the Secret Eagle Beach by foot (usually you need to kayak there) . For sure, there you will find more perfect climbing spots!

Every evening is started with a friendly dinner at Mama’s Chicken. Bob Marley songs at ‘Viking 1999’ bar, talks with a bunch of new friends and slacking in a gleam were my regular evening entertainments. Finally I mastered how to turn around on the slackline!

First time in my life I saw luminescent plankton glowing in the dark sea water and climbed to the lagoon in the early morning afterwards. Once a friend of mine has said to me: ‘Even a good picture would ruin this moment’. That was exactly how I felt sitting in the lagoon when no one except us was around.

Me and sis on the bench at the 50 ft height

Back in Bangkok life is different. People are in a hurry, the chill mode is off again. But ‘I have all the time in the world’ as a wise friend told me once in Tonsai.

If you want to see more pictures of my daily traveling visit my Instagram and read posts of more experienced bloggers about same same Thailand: Sister’s and her Boy’s Blog.

ALL the photographs are taken by  Auste&Vidmantas





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